User Premium

Starting at 2.99 €

Premium Badge

You will recieve the badge. It will be visible on your Ranking Card for every user to see.

Stay Vote Free

Say goodbye to voting every 12 hours. When you're a premium user you won't have to anymore.

Increased Creativity

As a premium user, you may customize your Ranking Card even more! You'll have access to Canvas Backgrounds and Blurring!

Server Premium

Starting at 7.99 €Server Premium includes every feature of the "User Premium" Tier for the patron.

Discord Leaderboard

Display your community's leaderboard right in discord. No need to leave the app!

Server Backgrounds

Adjust your community's public appearance by setting a "Community Background"!

Customize XP even more

There are many optional but very cool Modules, Values and Features in general available for premium servers.

Vote Free Bundles

Remove voting on your Servers with our exclusive Premium Bundles.


If you're intrigued by any of the features mentioned or simply wish to support our goal of delivering the most affordable XP bot, feel free to explore the rest of our feature set below.
P.S. Don't worry if you're not ready to commit to premium just yet, XP will always be free for you to enjoy, forever and ever! 🤭
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