Your Server - Your Choice

With XP, you have complete control over what you see and use. Whether it's MessageXP, a specific command, or the entire Leaderboard, the choice is yours.

Stay in control - always

XP is highly customizable, with the ability to adjust almost every aspect to fit the needs of your unique community.

Reward Users - Keep Users

Award and recognize your users' achievements with XP's automatic role assignment. As users reach specific milestones, XP assigns designated roles, making it easy to acknowledge and celebrate their growth within your community.

Embrace uniqueness

Ranking Cards are the ultimate tool for your users to express their personality in your community.

Stay competitive

XP is the perfect tool to get your users to spend more time on your Community.

Designed to be free. Forever.

Born from the frustration of using bloated bots with hidden costs and locked features, XP was created with simplicity in mind. We believe that everyone should have access to basic features without having to pay for them. That's why, from the start, we made the decision to keep XP and its essential features completely free.

Get XP now

Invite XP below or check out our guides on how to get started!
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