Contributing to User Safety and Service Guidelines

In this Blog Post, we want to share our efforts to provide User Safety over our Services as well as Guidelines for user-uploaded content.

User-Uploaded Content Guidelines

To provide a safe experience for everyone, we restrict the type of content, you can upload to our Services. If you are violating any of the below mentioned guidelines, you or your server might be restricted from using certain XP features and the content in question will be removed.

Laws & Restrictions

XP is being developed and hosted in Germany, so we are always referring to German media law, when it comes to user-uploaded content.

Discord ToS & Guidelines

As we are mostly acting over Discord (, we make sure to follow their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines.

NSFW & Explicit Content

We do not tolerate NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on our services. This includes, but is not limited to pornographic media, gambling related media and gore.

Symbols and Political Statements

While we do tolerate most symbols and political statements on our services (given they do not violate German law), we always reserve the right to remove them from our services without notifying the Uploader or any other participating party.

By uploading content to our services, you always claim to have full rights for the content in question. You also agree to us reusing your content for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

If you do not own full rights on uploaded content, you will be fully responsible in case of a copyright claim against our service.

Reserved Rights

We always reserve the right to remove any user-uploaded content from our services. This includes user- & server-data as well as Ranking Card backgrounds. We are not obligated to inform the user or any other participating party when doing so.

Moderative Actions

The XP Staff (or permitted representatives) will look through all user-uploaded content in a frequent manner and will delete content violating our guidelines. Affected users will not be notified and might experience restrictions on our services in the future.
If you disagree with certain restrictions of your account regarding XP, please contact


We hope, this cleared up some questions around our content Management and our corresponding guidelines. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask on our Official Discord Server.


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