XP Branding Update

XP will soon serve over 8,000 Servers. This means, that XP will be growing in popularity a lot over the next years. With the updated Branding, we want to appear more professional and visually appealing as a Brand and to represent XPs development. We have also updated the overall look of the XP Website. As often requested, we finally had the time to develop a Feature Section on the Homepage of XP. It's supposed to list the most important functions of XP as well as a few starting guides for new users. Besides that, we have also introduced a new Premium Features list at This page is meant to showcase XP Premium Plans and their most important perks.

We spent a lot of time designing these new changes to fit a professional brand look, but we're always open for feedback! Let us know about your opinion on our Official XP Discord Server.

And as always..Thank you for using XP ❤️ We wouldn't be here without you.

New XP Logo


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