XP7: What's new with Premium

The upcoming update for XP, version 7.0.0, will feature a completely reworked range of XP Premium plans and a lot more features for Premium Users. Here's what's new:

New Plans & Changes

With upcoming server-wide Premium, User Premium will be much cheaper, starting at 2.99€/Month (Previously 4.50€/Month).

If you're looking to get XP Premium for your Discord Community, Server Premium will be available starting at 7.99€/Month. If this seems a bit expensive at first, make sure to read further below to see all the features coming to this Premium Plan.

There will also be discounts on larger orders as well as extra features. Here's the complete list:

  • 2 Premium Servers (6% Discount
    • 14.99€/Month)
  • 3 Premium Servers (12% Discount + 1 Vote-Free Server
    • 20.99€/Month)
  • 5 Premium Servers (12% Discount + 2 Vote-Free Servers
    • 34.99€/Month)
  • 10 Premium Servers (17% Discount + 4 Vote-Free Servers
    • 65.99€/Month)

Server Premium Features

We heard you. Here's Server-wide XP Premium, and it's packed with features for your Discord Community.

Online Presence

Change the design of your Leaderboard by uploading a custom background!

Admin options on your Leaderboard

Edit any users xp count straight out of your dashboard! No need for any commands.

Autonick Module customization

You decide wether you want to enable or disable the "Lvl." in a user's Nickname with Autonick enabled. You can also change the position of the level parameter in nicknames (f.e. put it in front of the name).

Remove higher Levelroles

You can now let XP remove any previously reached level roles when you decrease someone's level.

Better Game Commands

Customise and change cooldowns for 'trivia' and all Game commands separately. With Server Premium, you can also track 'trivia' streaks, just as in 'daily'!

User resets

Automatically reset a User's XP & Level when they leave your Server.

Thread Commands

A new Module which you can use to enable XP commands in Threads.

Dynamic Leaderboard

A leaderboard that automatically updates every hour, right in your Discord chat.

XP Changed Log

A detailed logger to display any changes in xp count on your Discord Community.

XP Settings Log

A detailed logger to show you every change in settings for your XP Configuration.


If you read this far, we hope you love these new features and Premium plans. These new Premium plans will also make it easier for us to keep the Bot online and to cover the costs coming with hosting it. If you have any feedback for us, we would love to hear about it! You can reach out to us over our Discord Server or on Twitter.

Thank you for choosing XP! ❤️


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