XP7: The Update

Update 7.0.0 is finally here! The new version will be going live on your Community Server within the coming 24 hours. In this Blog Post, we want to talk about what's new and what to look out for in the coming weeks.

Recent Outages

Before we dive into new features, we want to take a quick moment to apologize. The past weeks have been rough for all of us, especially the XP Team. If you've been active on our official Discord Server you might already now this, but XP had multiple issues with being a reliable service lately. These were mainly connected to updated features on Discord, which had yet to be implemented into XP. The XP Team did its best to meet these issues and to resolve them as fast as possible. With XP7, we can ensure, that these issues won't happen ever again. We thank you for your amazing patience and support while our Team did everything possible to bring XP back online and we are sorry for everyone encountered issues through XP in these times.

New Features

You've all been waiting for it - and here it is:

The XP Dashboard

With the release of XP7, the Dashboard will finally be available for everyone. This will come especially handy with the overall structure change of XP.

Server Settings

Configuring XP for your Community is now easier than ever. With XP7, Server Settings will only be available through the Dashboard. This brings all settings into one place and removes the need for complicated and time consuming commands, so you can actually spend time having fun with your Community instead of reading through help pages.


Our Premium Plans have been reworked completely. Read more.


To make XP as accessible as possible, you will be able to use XP in your native language. With the help of our amazing translators, we are happy to announce that XP will be available in German, Turkish and Portuguese. Over time, we will expand our Translators Program to cover as many languages as possible.

And that is by far not everything! There's so much more new with the release of XP7, which cannot all be covered within this blog post, but we encourage you to find out yourself, XP7 is already waiting for you to explore and have fun!

Upcoming Tutorials

If you've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the features of XP: We got you! Over the coming weeks (& months), we will be publishing easy to follow guides and tutorials covering all XP Features, so you can reach your goal as fast as possible.


Thank you for reading this far! We are really happy to present XP7 to you and your Community. And we could not be more thankful for your amazing support. Together with our Patrons, you keep XP running, suggest features and help us improve the Bot.

Thank you for using XP ❤️


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