Guide: XP, Moderation & Game Modules

In this quick guide, you learn how to successfully utilise all of XP's Modules in your Discord Community.

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Modules explained

XP is split into a variety of different modules. By enabling one, you're activating a specific part of the Bot. And if you don't want specific features, you can simply turn that module off.

All Modules can be found in your Servers' Settings in the Modules Tab.

The XP Modules

The four XP Modules

Message XP

The Message XP Module enables your Community to gain xp by writing messages in your Server. The overall behaviour of this Module can be controlled over the Values Tab, where you can set the xp amount per message, cooldowns and more. We will cover this section of the Dashboard in another guide soon.

Voice XP

If you want to reward time spent in your Servers' Voicechats, this is the module you're searching for. Just as in the Message XP module, you can configure more options in the Values Tab.

Reaction XP

With this module enabled, your Community can also gain rewards through reactions on messages. If your Community reacts to messages a lot, we recommend keeping this modules' rewards relatively low.

Ignore AFK

This module is an addition to the Voice XP module: If you have set an AFK Channel on your Discord Server, inactive users will be moved into this voicechat, if they're not interacting with their current voice channel. This comes in handy when you want to prevent AFK farming for xp in your Community as it prevents users from gaining xp in your Servers' AFK Channel.

Pro Tip: If you set one of the modules' xp rewards to a higher value, your Community will start interacting through this way more. With this in mind, you can set up voicechat-/message-focused Discord Servers with ease.

The Moderation Modules

Moderation Modules


Autonick is one of the most used Modules of XP. With its features, you can show a Users' Level in their Nickname on your Server. This makes it especially easy to view someone's level as well as having a linear design over your Community. The Autonick Module can be further extended by "Autonick Use Prefix" and "Autonick Show String", which are available with Server Premium.


Enable or disable the Servers leaderboard.

Single Rank Role

If you're using Level Roles in your Discord Community, you might also want to enable this Module, where a User will only get the highest available Level Role instead of collecting all available Roles including lower ones. You can further extend this Module by enabling "Remove Reached Levelroles", which makes it so already reached Level Roles wil also be removed, if someone's xp have been reduced. This extension is available over Server Premium.

User Ranking Override

This Module comes in handy, if someone in your Server disabled their Ranking, which normally would prevent them from earning xp in your Discord Server. By enabling this Module, XP will reward them with xp again, but will still not show them in leaderboards.

Maximum Level

By default, XP has no maximum Level. If you still want to have one, you can enable this Module. You can set your Servers' Maximum Level over the Values Tab.

Reset User On Leave

Because doing this manually can be a lot of work, we're offering an automation for this for Premium Servers. The Module automatically resets someone's xp and Level, when they leave your Community. This Module is only available over Server Premium.

Enable Commands In Threads

XP will always reward xp in Threads, but you might also want to use XPs Commands in these. With this Module, you can view & use XPs Slash Commands in all types of Channels. This Module is only available over Server Premium.

Game Modules

Game Modules


The Games module features commands like /roll, /loot and /fish. By enabling this module, you allow your Community to gain xp by playing these luck based games. You can further configure this module in the Values Tab.


Similar to the Games module, this module features the /trivia command. By playing this game, you gain xp by correctly answering a variety of questions. As always, you can further configure this module in the Values Tab.


And that's it for this guide! If you're looking out for more blog posts like this, stay tuned!

If you need help or support around the XP Discord Bot, you can also join our Discord Community.

Thank you for using XP ❤️


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Lvl set channel

is there a way i can set a channel where i want the bot to send level up messages?
Of course! Take a look at this guide:


y'all said it was free

they trolling i am proud to say I ain't wasted ome cent on this.


Would be nice

It would be nice to know that you have to hit save every time in order to save the adjustment you made. I’ve had to go back and redo this three times and it’s quite annoying.
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Could you please elaborate on your thoughts? For browsers that support it, a prompt should already appear when attempting to close or leave the tab where changes have been made, if they haven't been saved


I don't know

This XP unmmmmm idk but is cool i like it i wanna add it in the server but idk how



My suggestion is: - Add a way to set XP limit (idk how to explain but I'll try. Explain/example: - at the moment, the XP limit to go to lvl 2 is 45xp, but I can change it to 900xp to player get level 2 and like this forward until the level that I
Appreciate your suggestion! We've received similar ideas multiple times over the past few years. After careful consideration, we've opted not to make our leveling formula customizable. The feature, while intriguing, poses significant challenge