Guide: Announcements

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to master XPs Announcement feature.

First of all: What are Announcements?

Announcements allow you to automatically inform your users about reaching a new level in XP.
By default, announcements are already set up and ready to use. Whenever a user reaches a new level via text chat, the following message is issued in the corresponding channel:


If that's all you wanted to know - have a nice day!

If you want to customize the design and behavior of this message, keep scrolling!


Once you've opened the tab on your servers dashboard, you'll see two panels in front of you.

Announcement Settings

  • Specific Channel
    This option allows you to decide whether the Announcement should be sent into the Text Channel where the user has gained the XP that made them reach a new level.

    Enabling this option will give you the option to select a specific channel, where Announcements should be printed.

You can also select "Channel Not Set" to disable announcements.

  • Ping Users
    By enabling this option, your users will be pinged once they reach a new level.
    Essentially making sure, they are not missing out on that very important information!

Announcement Message Designer

This Panel allows you to give your Announcement a personal touch.
By using the provided parameters below the "Message Editor", you can display:

  • {TAG} The Users Tag
  • {MNT} The Users Mention
  • {OLDLVL} The Users old level
  • {LVL} The Users new level
  • {CMB} How many levels the user climbed

You can also include custom emotes into the message by providing its name and ID.
For example: <:xp_info:818532849598201886>

You can get this by sending your emoji with a \ in front of it.

Wrapping things up

That's it! You should now be able to make your announcements look and feel amazing in your community!
Tho - as always, please do not hesitate to ask us on our official Support Server if there are still some unanswered questions.


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Level Role Mention

How about being able to mention the role the user has achieved in the announcement message? Like {MNT} but for the level role.


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