Guide: Values

In this comprehensive Guide, you will learn everything around values in XP.

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Values in XP

Values can be used to control different XP Modules. XP uses Values for calculations, cooldowns and other useful things. We also have Guides for Moderation Modules and XP & Game Modules.

Essential Values

Most important are the Essential Values - hence the name. Available Values are Message XP, Message Cooldown, Voice XP, Voice Join Cooldown and Reaction XP. Here's what they do:

Message XP
This value controls the amount of xp a user will get, when they write a message in your Server. In order for this to work, you will need to enable the Message XP Module.

Message Cooldown
With this value, you can control how often xp is given. This value is measured in seconds. Using 60 means, that your Server Members will be able to receive xp once every minute.

Voice XP
Similar to Message XP, this value controls how much XP is given per Minute spent in Voicechats. Requires the Voice XP Module.

Voice Join Cooldown
This value means the amount of time in seconds a user will need to spent in a Voicechat before receiving xp. This is especially useful to prevent Join/Leave spamming.

Reaction XP
With the Reaction XP Module enabled, this value will control the amount of xp given per Reaction. This value cannot be controlled with cooldowns.

Game Values

XP features a couple of simple Games to earn XP. The following Values depend on the Game Module, so be sure to enable it first.

Loot XP
Controls the amount given per /loot.

Fish XP
Controls the amount given per /fish.

Roll XP
Controls the amount given per /roll.

Game Cooldown
Controls the seconds to wait after using one of the Game Commands. Available with XP Premium.

Trivia XP
This value means the amount of xp given per trivia game.

Trivia Cooldown
Similar to all other Cooldowns, this controls the minimum waiting time between two trivia commands.

Additional Values

Maximum Daily XP
With this value, you can set a maximum xp reward for /daily. Usually, a user gets 250 * streak in days xp. If you set a maximum daily xp. They will only get the limit of xp once they reach it.

Maximum Level
By default, XP does not limit your levels. If you don't want infinite levels, you can set a maximum level here.


And that's it for this guide! If you're looking out for more blog posts like this, stay tuned! Guides like these will be published at least once a week.

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XP per level?

How much XP is required to reach each level???
I think it's your choice. I set my own for my server, but I'm back to re-adjust,lol
Although customization of XP-per-level values isn't possible, we've created a comprehensive chart illustrating the XP required to attain each level. You can access the chart via this link: