XP Update to v7.0.1

Added πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spanish to the Translations

You can now use Spanish as your language in XP! If your Discord client is in Spanish, you already have that!


Non Premium Canvas - ba-29867

Fixed a bug where any (even non-premium) user could turn on Canvas and Blur on their Ranking Card. > gugugaga Reported by iTz Arshia#7650

Incorrect Badge / Titles assignment - ba-83269

Fixed a bug where badges / titles would not be assigned correctly.

RankingCard not being sent sometimes

Fixed a bug where RankingCards would process too fast, causing them to not be sent. lmao
> gugugaga Reported by Noterade#6969

Missing position on RankingCards

Fixed a bug where RankingCards would not show a users position.


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