XP Premium Subscription Changes

Before we start: If you're already subscribed to XP Premium, these changes won't affect you. You can just continue to use XP Premium as usual.

So what did change?

In the past, XP Premium had to be paid at the first day of each month. Additionally to that, you had to pay at the first day of your subscription. This meant, that you basically paid for a full month even though you didn't actually get features for a full month. Another problem with this was, that you could subscribe to XP Premium at the 30th of a month and then pay again one day later at the 1st of the next month. And nobody likes paying twice for one thing. So we changed it!

Instead of paying every 1st of each month, you'll now be charged in a 1 month cycle. So if you subscribe on the 15th, you will only be charged at the 15th of the month after that.

Why was it different before?

We actually knew about this issue, but we couldn't really do anything about it as we use Patreon as our payment provider. The new subscription model just launched a few days ago, so we made sure to enable it as soon as possible.


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