The Future of XP

In this blog post, we'll be talking about plans, updates & changes for 2022.


XP started as a small bot project for a few friends and their discord server way back in April of 2020. A month later, it was made available to everyone, completely configurable and free, although the main idea stayed the same. A small bot, for a small amount of people, that would be interested in a more in-depth levelling bot than what was currently available.

Well, the year ended with XP being on almost 1,000 Servers. We built up a small team of developers and started 2021 with a huge update that would improve a lot of existing features while also introducing a lot more through the year. The Bot was starting to grow faster and faster as the year progressed, with over 4,000 Servers at the start of 2022.

When XP started as the small bot in 2020, it was supposed to be a small side-project of mine while working on other things. Now we're spending almost every day working on this Bot and several other services and features around the bot. It has basically become a full time job for most of us even though we don't profit from XP commercially.


This year, we want to extend our XP Premium plan with quite a few useful and unique features. But don't worry, we understand that paying for a Discord Bot isn't possible for everyone. That means, that XP will stay as free & feature-rich as it is right now and we will keep publishing completely free features, so everyone can enjoy the Bot without needing to pay.

One of the main Premium features coming to XP will be a Statistics Tab, where you will be able to track your Servers most active users and also your activity per Server. More info about this feature and many more will be following in the coming half of 2022, so stay tuned for that!

The next generation of XP

In 2021, we released XP6 (Version 6.0.0). XP7 (Version 7.0.0) is coming to your communities this year. Here's a list of things, that will be new:

  • Full slash commands integration > XP will be fully usable over the new Discord Slash commands. This makes the general usage of commands very easy and offers an overview of commands right in your Discord client!
  • Focusing on the Dashboard > Until now, configuring XP was quite a hassle. You were forced to use complicated commands in your Discord chat and to really get the most out of XP, you had to go a long way to set everything up. With the next version of XP, configuring is just as easy as going to the Dashboard. All settings-related functions will move to the Dashboard with the next big Update.
  • Language Support > We're finally introducing XP in more languages than just English. Our goal is to make XP as approachable as possible and translations will improve its accessibility by a lot.

And more info coming soon! We will keep you updated on the development of XP as always and we are looking forward to powering your Community another successful year.

Thank you for choosing XP! ❤️


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very nice

Can't wait to see the future of XP


ваш бот супер!

Бот отличный! Пользуемся им уже год, и бот показывает себя отлично! надеюсь бот будет ещё лучше!!!