Quality Of Life Changes: September 2022

Hello there!
Today, we want to announce a few small improvements for XP that are available from now on.

These include changes to voting, free premium and more.

Let's get started!

Less Voting

We heard you. Voting is annoying when it comes to changing server settings for XP. Therefore, with the latest update, you are no longer required to vote in order to save settings on your dashboard.

Voting still applies to Games commands though. If you want to remove voting for your Account entirely, consider supporting XP by subscribing to XP Premium.

Getting Premium is even easier now

Just recently, we added a way to get XP Premium for free. Our initial requirements were Level 400 for User Premium and Level 500 for Server Premium. We think that these levels are quite high and hard to achieve. From now on, you'll only need to reach Level 100 for User Premium and Level 150 for 1x Server Premium on our official Discord Community.

Statuspage improvements

To make announcing outages, incidents and more even more simple and to have everything in one place, you can now also view status reports on the XP Status Site. Status reports will also be shown in #status-reports on Discord as usual.

Thank you for using XP

Seriously, we mean it. The past month has been the most successful month for XP ever and the bot continues to power more Communities every day because of your support!

Thank you for using XP in your Community.

  • The XP Team


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