Guide: Levelroles and Boosts

In this guide, we will cover how levelroles and boosted roles work in your community!

But first of all, what even is a levelrole?
A levelrole is a role on your Discord community, which is set to be assigned to someone when they reach a specific level. You can set if a user should collect or just get the highest available role and boosts allow you to set special features for (level)roles. This can be utilised to enhance your server in a variety of ways and will most likely increase your servers activity by a lot.

How to set up levelroles

To configure levelroles, head over to your Dashboard and select your server. From there you can go to the Roles tab.

Roles Tab

On the right side, you can now view a small interface to set up roles. As soon as you've set roles, you can save your changes. After that you are good to go and everything should work as expected!

Set a role


You cannot set two roles for one level. Doing so will overwrite the previously set role.

If your levelroles don't work, make sure XPs bot role is above all other roles and has the Manage Roles permission.

Your roles might take up to 30 minutes to show up on your dashboard.


Boosts enable you to reward a user with more xp each time automatically. These work by adding a specific percentage to the gained xp amount.

So if a user gains 100xp and their boost is 20%, they will gain 120%. If two or more boosts apply at the same time, they can stack, allowing for very detailed xp rewards.

To get started, head over to the Boosts tab.

Boosts Tab

Similar to levelroles, you can then select roles, textchannels and even voicechannels. Simply configure a percentage, select a role or channel and save your changes. Now you're good to go! Boosts work almost instantly after saving.

Finishing words

Great! You're now able to set up levelroles and boosted textchannels, roles and voicechannels.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask on our Official Discord Server.

To support XP, you can also subscribe to XP Premium and get exclusive features for your Account and Server!


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