Getting to know RankingCard Badges

Hey, you may have seen a RankingCard with some of these symbols in the past.

Ranking Card in Discord

And then wondered, "What are those things? And how come I don't have these images on my RankingCard?? 😑😭"

Well, let me explain!

In XP v6.1.0 we have introduced the new Ranking Cards and with it the Badge System. It offers us a way to reward users and colleagues for contributing to, or supporting XP.

Each Badge has its own meaning and its own way to get it.

At the moment there are 7 badges. These Badges to be specific:

XP Developer

Every XP developer has this Badge.

XP Support Team

Each member of the XP Support Team has this Badge.

XP Premium

Everyone who is supporting XP on Patreon has this Badge.

XP Core Community

Everyone who participates in public XP Community Events obtains this badge.

XP Feature Smith

Everyone who suggested an idea on our Discord Server, which we finally built into XP because has this Badge.

XP Bug Hunter

Everyone who points out valid bugs in XP via bug-reports channel on our Discord Server has this Badge. How many bugs is not specified.

Server Booster

Everyone who boosts our Discord Server has this badge.

XP Translator

Everyone who helped translate XP gets this badge.

I hope this article helped you understand when and why you can expect a Badge on your RankingCard!

Have a nice day. πŸ‘‹


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cool I like it

I'm looking to see what it is but it looks very good