Getting to know RankingCard Badges

Hey, you may have seen a RankingCard with some of these symbols in the past.


And then wondered, "What are those things? And how come I don't have these images on my RankingCard?? 😑😭"

Well, let me explain!

In XP v6.1.0 we have introduced the new Ranking Cards and with it the Badge System. It offers us a way to reward users and colleagues for contributing to, or supporting XP.

Each Badge has its own meaning and its own way to get it.

At the moment there are 7 badges. These Badges to be specific:

gugugaga **XP Developer**

Every XP developer has this Badge.

gugugaga **XP Support Team**

Each member of the XP Support Team has this Badge.

gugugaga **XP Premium**

Everyone who is supporting XP on Patreon has this Badge.

gugugaga **Feature Smith**

Everyone who suggested an idea on our Discord Server, which we finally built into XP because has this Badge.

gugugaga **Bug Hunter**

Everyone who points out valid bugs in XP via bug-reports channel on our Discord Server has this Badge. How many bugs is not specified.

gugugaga **Server Booster**

Everyone who boosts our Discord Server has this badge.

gugugaga **XP Translator**

Everyone who helped translate XP gets this badge.

I hope this article helped you understand when and why you can expect a Badge on your RankingCard!

Have a nice day. πŸ‘‹


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