XP: Top Tier Leveling Solution

The XP Discord Bot has by far the most features for top-tier leveling in your Discord Community: Level Roles, Voicechat XP, Level-Up Messages, unlimited Levels, full customisability and a lot more! All accessible over our convenient Dashboard and completely free to use!

Here's a list of XPs most important features. #


Modules can be toggled on or off, just as you desire. Here's a list of XPs most important modules:

  • Message XP > Let users get XP by writing messages.
  • Voice XP > Let users get XP by talking in Voicechannels.
  • Reaction XP > Let users get XP by reacting to messages.
  • Autonick > Automatically show the level of each user in their nicknames.
  • Leaderboard > Shows the most active members of your Community.
  • Single Rank Role > Removes previous Level Roles if a higher one has been achieved.
  • Games & Trivia > Let your users earn XP by playing games.

And that is by far not everything! Try XP.

Custom Level System

Unlike other leveling bots, XP offers full control over its Level System. You can customise the amount of xp rewarded for activity in your Server as well as cooldowns and more!

Roles, Boosts and more

Besides Level Roles, XP also offers Boosted Roles, Chats and Voicechannels, where your members can get additional xp on top of their usually rewarded points! On the other hand, if you want to prevent someone from gaining xp, we offer Ignored Chats, Voicechannels, Roles and even Ignored Categories.

Detailed Logs

In case you need to keep track of what is happening in your Server, you can enable detailed logging for Voicechat activity, XP rewards, Level-Ups and more!

Admin Tools

With our easy to use Admin Tools, you can give, remove and set someone's Level by yourself. This comes especially handy with Giveaways or Competitions in your Discord Community.

Reliable Support

If you ever need help setting up XP on your Community, we offer quick and easy customer support over our official Discord Server. Together with the XP Community, we are happy to help you with any potential questions.


Try XP for your Community

The perfectly fitting Level System for your Server is just a click away! Get XP for your Discord Community. XP is free to use and makes setting up leveling in your Server easy. If you have any questions about XP, join us on our Discord Server.


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