XP Support Applications 2022

With the recent growth of XP, there is more and more demand for help in the Community. Due to that, we have decided to search for additional XP Support Members.

Applications will stay open all the time and we will review them on demand. So if you didn't get accepted in the first review process, there is no need to delete your application. We might still contact you at a later time.

What we're searching for

XP has a great focus on providing high-quality & fast Support. That means, that you should at least be somewhat active on Discord every day. You should also have a good amount of usage experience with the Bot and the Website. If you already helped people on our Discord Server, that also makes getting accepted a lot easier as we already know about your qualities as a helping hand.

Lastly, it would be best, if you'd have a good knowledge of the English language as we're communicating in English here at the XP Team.

If this is you, please fill out our application form here: XP Support Application 2022

Unsure if you should apply? We're especially searching for someone from a timezone that is not CET or GMT. It's not required to be from another timezone, but it's a good point we're looking out for when considering your application.


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