Guide: Moderation Modules

In this short guide, we will cover XPs Moderation Modules. These kind of modules can do a variety of things to improve your Discord Community.

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Modules explained

XP is split into a variety of different modules. By enabling one, you're activating a specific part of the Bot. And if you don't want specific features, you can simply turn that module off.

The Moderation Modules

To find the Moderation Modules, go to your Servers' Settings and select the Modules Tab.

Moderation Modules


Autonick is one of the most used Modules of XP. With its features, you can show a Users' Level in their Nickname on your Server. This makes it especially easy to view someone's level as well as having a linear design over your Community. The Autonick Module can be further extended by "Autonick Use Prefix" and "Autonick Show String", which are available with Server Premium.

Single Rank Role

If you're using Level Roles in your Discord Community, you might also want to enable this Module, where a User will only get the highest available Level Role instead of collecting all available Roles including lower ones. You can further extend this Module by enabling "Remove Reached Levelroles", which makes it so already reached Level Roles wil also be removed, if someone's xp have been reduced. This extension is available over Server Premium.

User Ranking Override

This Module comes in handy, if someone in your Server disabled their Ranking, which normally would prevent them from earning xp in your Discord Server. By enabling this Module, XP will reward them with xp again, but will still not show them in leaderboards.

Maximum Level

By default, XP has no maximum Level. If you still want to have one, you can enable this Module. You can set your Servers' Maximum Level over the Values Tab.

Reset User On Leave

Because doing this manually can be a lot of work, we're offering an automation for this for Premium Servers. The Module automatically resets someone's xp and Level, when they leave your Community. This Module is only available over Server Premium.

Enable Commands In Threads

XP will always reward xp in Threads, but you might also want to use XPs Commands in these. With this Module, you can view & use XPs Slash Commands in all types of Channels. This Module is only available over Server Premium.


We hope this helped you in setting up XP for your Community! If you need help or support around the XP Discord Bot, you can also join our Discord Community.

Thank you for using XP ❤️


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