Getting Started with XP7

In this guide, we are showing you how to use most of the new features in the latest update of XP.

Slash Commands

Instead of typing .xp rank, you can now write /rank. By doing that, you will also be able to view a small interface with more information about a specific command.

Discord Text Bar > @XP and .xp help have been removed. If you need a list of all XP Commands, you can simply type /. For viewing links and info about XP, use /about.

If you can't see XPs Slash Commands on your Server, use this link to invite it again. Commands should be available within 1 hour after this step. You do not need to remove the Bot from your Server for this to work.

Server Settings

You might have already noticed, that XP has a lot less commands than before. That is, because all Server Settings have moved to the Dashboard for better accessibility.

Part of the Dashboards' Server Overview > If you want to change a Servers' Settings, simply click the 'Configure XP' Button. Over the small Button on the right, you can also directly go to the Server Leaderboard.

Language Settings

If you want to change the language of the XP Bot, you can do this through your User Settings. If you select Client Default, the Bot will use the language of your Discord Client (Supports both Mobile and Desktop Versions), as long as XP has been translated into the selected language.

We will further expand the range of translations in the future. More information about the Translator Program will follow soon.

Language Settings in the User Settings > This will only change the language of the Discord Bot. If you need translations of the website, please use options provided by your Browser.

Unlocking further Features

For premium features for your Server, you can subscribe to Server Premium. After that, you can go to your User Settings and select your Server. As soon as the blue border appears, Server Premium has been applied (You don't need to press 'Save changes' for this).

Premium Server selection

Further Help

If you still have questions about XP, you can always join our Discord Server. Our Community and our official Support Team are always happy to help!


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